[Image shows from left: Becki, Robert, Ella-Mae, Evelyn, Lila, and Robert. Becki is glancing down at her script whilst the others are looking at Louie who is standing in front of Lila. They are all in various costumes, and Louie is dressed all in white. Behind them, Arya Honey and Evie are standing against a white wall and talking. To the right, slightly out of frame, there is a tall light]


OmniArts GB is a Hampshire-based, non-profit performing arts company committed to our vision of bringing the arts to everyone – no matter their age, ability, or background.

[Image shows a camera on a tall tripod facing Ella-Mae, Lila, and Evelyn. Ella-Mae is holding the side of a large door in a white doorframe. All three of them are looking through the open doorway curiously. Behind them, there are tall trees with green and yellow leaves. All three girls are wearing coats]

OmniArts was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to experience the joy and personal benefit that comes from the arts. We know that the performing arts are a fantastic way of building confidence, trying new things, and learning about yourself and others.

We are proud to offer opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds through our family of groups; from our music experiences for toddlers and youth theatre and arts awards groups for older children, all the way through life to our Music for the Mind group for the elderly. We also have our Generations group which brings together people of all ages to learn from each other and have fun together.

Ella-Mae posing in a costume with big puff sleevesThe OmniArts Method

All OmniArts GB groups are open to everyone, regardless of skill, experience, or disability. Our teachers, group leaders, and mentors are all trained to run groups using the OmniArts method.

The OmniArts Method is built on the years of shared teaching and coaching experience within our team, and uses a range of skills and teaching techniques to create a supporting environment where everyone in encouraged to be themselves and do their best.

Equality, Diversity, and Disability

Clara, Evelyn and Evie having fun at Youth Theatre

OmniArts GB is committed to running our groups in a way which everyone can access. Our teachers, group leaders, and mentors are knowledgeable about working with people with a range of disabilities and access needs.

If you are concerned about joining an OmniArts group because of a disability, lack of confidence, or any other reason, our director Becki will be happy to talk to you before you come to one of our sessions. You can email Becki on becki@omniartsgb.co.uk or text/call her on 07584 662225. She’ll be happy to arrange a time for you to meet some of our team if that would make you more comfortable about joining us.

Our Aims

Sir Stamp-a-Lot and Lady Yell-About getting into an argument in our staged production of The Magic Faraway Tree: May 2019We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for people of all ages and abilities to come together and experience the arts in a supporting setting. We do this for everyone regardless of age, race, religion, or disability.

The OmniArts team work to give our members as many opportunities as possible within OmniArts including dance, drama, music, stagecraft, marketing, and a range of other creative activities. We also partner with the wider arts community in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and beyond to give our members access to even more experiences.

What’s in a Name?

Omni means all. We are omni-inclusive, omni-opportunity, omni-together; all inclusive, all about opportunity, all together.