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Our Team

A slim white human, leaning forwards to the camera, smiling joyfully showing their teeth. They are wearing round horn rimmed glasses and have vivid rainbow coloured curly hair on top of their head and shaved sides. They are wearing a sky blue t-shirt with a black waistcoat, and a necklace with black, purple, blue, and green beads. Behind them is a painted backdrop which is bright pink with a circular painted window in yellow and brown.

Ren Short: Founder, Creative Director & Musical Director


Ren founded OmniArts in April 2013. They have always found a joy from helping others learn how to better their skills, so it is no surprise that they have always wanted to be a teacher. With over 15 years of professional vocal and dance training, as well as experience in performing on stage, screen and at various events, Ren has a lot to pass on to any aspiring performer.

The ideology of OmniArts is very close to Ren’s heart, as they believe everyone should have the same opportunities available to them as each other.

As well as running OmniArts, Ren teaches private singing & trans speech lessons, provides peer mentoring, runs various workshops throughout the year and is also a singer/songwriter and poet.

“Being a part of someone else’s journey within the performing arts is such a privilege.”


Ellie Snow: Artistic Director & Theatre Director

A white woman with medium length brown hair, smiling. She is wearing a light grey t-shirt with people's faces on it.She/Her

Ellie joined OmniArts in March 2018 and is the lead practitioner for Queer Creatives, a group in which was formed from her own research and practice.

She is a UK based queer theatre specialist and is passionate about queer inclusion.

Ellie has a BA Hons in Drama and Performance from the University of Portsmouth and has strong experience in theatre facilitation.

She became a member of Chichester Festival Theatre’s first Youth Advisory Board in 2020 and continues to work as a freelance director, public speaker and private teacher for several theatre companies in South England.

Most recently, she co-directed True Colors at the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth and has directed with OmniArts across short films, showcases, and theatre productions.

“It is an honour to be able to be a part of giving new and exciting performing opportunities to the next generation”

A white trans woman wearing a teal blouse and tight black pants. She has simple makeup and long brown hair. She is standing with her wrists casually resting on her head.

Kira: Showcase Producer and Manager


Kira is a producer and director for This Isn’t Even My Final Form. She’s been acting and writing since childhood.

She studied Johnstone improv at The Hideout Theater in Austin Texas and used to perform with i’Sebastiani, a commedia dell’arte troupe out of Massachusetts. In 2021 she performed a piece she wrote called “Balloon Day” in an online showcase called “Trans-Scribed”.

Kira is also a gamer, artist, model, and mom, and has strong opinions about board game design.

A white trans man wearing a light colored button up shirt with a paper crane motif and glasses. It is a tight shot.

Vico: Showcase Producer and Editor


Vico has been writing constantly since he was ten, and only recently realized that all that journalling is probably why he has an affinity for essays and memoir work. Since then, his work on Medium and in his upcoming memoir “Dear Mom and Dad: A Love Letter to Myself” has received effusive praise. He also graduated from Murray State University with a BA in journalism and creative writing. It is still a great day to be a Racer.