[Image shows hair and make-up stylist Emmie adjusting the red wig that Robert is wearing. We see both their reflections in the mirror, smiling and talking. We also see assistant Director Ellie, laughing and looking towards them. The mirror is framed by lights, and we see a framed photo of The Fabulous Josh on the table in front of them. In the reflection, we see several sparkly outfits including a pride flag leotard]


OmniArts are proud to be launching an OmniArts GB Agency soon. Members of our Youth Theatre and Adult Drama Group will be added to the agency without any auditions required, if they wish to be. We will be looking at opening our books up to other people in the future – please keep an eye on our website and social media for more information.

If you are a filmmaker, theatre maker or event organiser looking for actors for a project, show or event, please get in touch with Becki on becki@omniartsgb.co.uk