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Youth Theatre

Our Youth Theatre is currently not running due to Covid-19. We are currently hoping to be able to restart Summer 2021. If you are interested in signing up to join when we restart, please email becki@omniartsgb.co.uk

Develop acting, dancing and music skills, along with devising, designing, directing and much more at OmniArts Youth Theatre.

Date, Time, Location, Cost, Ages

When: Wednesday, 4.30pm to 6.00pm
Where: Main Hall, Havelock Community Centre, 324 Fawcett Road, Southsea, PO4 0LQ
Cost: £5 a week (first session free)
Open to: ages 7 to 14

Join us now!

Contact becki@omniartsgb.co.uk or call Becki on 07584 662225 to discuss coming to our next class for free.

What We Do

As with all our groups, the content of the sessions are “member led”. This means the members get a say in the running of the group. Over the years we have done all sorts, including fully costumed licenced shows, variety shows, sharing sessions, improv shows, adapting and writing original work, and most recently our focus has been on-screen productions.

In 2019 the members unanimously voted to write and produce a film. A hugely ambitious project, that Becki and Ellie – the practitioners – enthusiastically took on. We started by discussing and exploring ideas for story lines. Once we had decided on the overall idea, we ran some auditions for the main characters, and worked with the other members to decide on their characters. Every member contributed to writing scenes, creating storyboards, deciding on costumes, and choosing locations.

Four locations, four shoot days, one greenscreen, twenty six costumes, all the props (we mean all of them), countless hours of planning, and a huge amount of support from individuals and small businesses went in to making the members dream a reality. Everyone enjoyed it so much that the members immediately asked to do another on-screen project.

At the beginning of 2020 we started writing a 5-episode web series, with a view to shooting them in Summer 2020. Due to lockdown, this wasn’t possible, but when we return to in-person sessions, we will be restarting this project!

We are currently hoping that our first film project, The Valley of the Fallen Things, will be ready to be released by the end of 2020 – follow us on social media for updates!

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Robert dressed up in a purple and gold dress, with a blue long chinese style jacket over it, a belt around, a cartoon-style scarf, a black wig and a straw boater hat

Why You Should Join

Joining a youth theatre is a great way to get creative ideas flowing for a child, as well as a way to socialise with others their age and boost their confidence. OmniArts Youth Theatre is an affordable drama group that works with the members to help them engage all their senses to create & learn theatre pieces.

OmniArts Youth Theatre is a perfect place to make new friends and learn new skills. We pace our sessions at a speed to suit all members, keeping the content interesting. We also include other aspects of the arts in our lessons, such as prop and scenery building, costume making, makeup skills, and even producing and writing should the members request it.

Developing Skills and Performances

OmniArts prides itself on working with the members to develop their performing arts skills whilst growing their confidence and life skills. Throughout the year we offer members the opportunity to work towards scripted and variety shows, as well as providing workshops on a variety of performing arts subjects.

As well as our own projects – from on-screen to on-stage, our practitioners are always looking out for opportunities to offer all our students. These include auditions for films and other productions as well as the chance perform at a variety of different events and competitions, and potential workshops for members to take part in.

By offering a wide range of performance opportunities, not just shows that we produce, it gives our students a chance to expand their experiences, and to help them grow as an actor, and as a person.

We Are Different!

OmniArts GB Youth Theatre members sharing script ideas they have writtenUnlike most other youth theatres, our focus is not just on stage work. We provide experiences in screen acting, improvisation, devising and various other types of performance to give our members a real feel for all types of performance from a young age.

The members of OmniArts Youth Theatre get a say in how the group is run, and we welcome input from members and parents alike as to the type of performance work they would like to do next.

We are also passionate about intersectional inclusivity, and creating a space for all our members to feel safe and happy. We know important drama and the performing arts is, not just for people who want to perform for a living, but also to develop valuable life skills, and an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of people. In all our groups we welcome discussions around all subjects, and our practitioners are experienced in handling potentially sensitive topics, making sure the conversation stays suitable for the members present, and often taking topics that have been brought into the space by members, and creating performing arts exercises around them, to help them explore and understand the topic better.

You can see our group policies below, and if you have any questions about our youth theatre, Becki’s email inbox is always open! becki@omniartsgb.co.uk

Group Policies

Other Opportunities and Benefits

OmniArts is proud to be able to offer members of the youth theatre aged 11 – 14 free participation in the Arts Award group. Find out more on the Arts Award page.

OmniArts members are entitled to discounts on anything they might like to borrow from the wardrobe – be it for a school show or dress up day, to a fancy dress party. We even have outfits suitable for events such as weddings!

If you would like your child to join OmniArts Youth Theatre, please contact Becki via email: becki@omniartsgb.co.uk or call them on 07584 662225 to talk about attending our next session.