Musical Theatre Group (Online)

Set up as part of the groups we launched when the UK lockdown came into place, this group has developed into a fantastic learning space for anyone interested in performing Musical Theatre.

When: Fridays at 1-2pm
Where: Online – Zoom.
Cost: Recommend donation £5 per session
Who: Open to anyone with a serious interest in learning more about the musical theatre style of singing. Recommended age 15+

What to expect
The sessions are very organic – led by what the members would like to explore. So far we have explored

  • Vocal health and safety – techniques both while singing, and in every day life.
  • Personal vocal ranges
  • Modal and Falsetto
  • Breath use/management
  • Characterisation within song
  • Differences in stylistic/technique choices across various genres
  • Specific techniques requested by members such as vibrato, twang, nasality and more.
  • Analysing different songs to identify what the singer is doing, explore why they are doing it, and how we as singers can choose to do that if we wish.

Contact Becki on if you’d like to join.