OmniArts has a range of groups and projects, each with it’s own unique aims. Find out more about what happens at each group by clicking on the logos below. Please email or call Becki on 07584662225 to let us know which group you would like to come along to.

Clara, Evelyn and Evie having fun at Youth TheatreYouth Theatre

Our Youth Theatre is open to anyone aged 7 – 14. There are no auditions, and we are a completely inclusive group.

Our venue is accessible, and we meet on a Wednesday from 4.30-6pm.

If you have any questions before your first session, please feel free to pop us a message.

Find out more about our Youth Theatre here.

Image shows a person with a long brown ponytail, orange statement sunglasses, and stud earrings, standing on the left of the picture. There is a rainbow running horizontally across the whole image, bending around the person, who is wearing a white jumper.  Above the person are the words: Aged 16+? Interested in learning about Queer Theatre? Join our online group every Tuesday from 7-8pm! In the top right hand corner is the OmniArts logo. Under this, there is a partially transparent black rectangle, sitting over part of the rainbow, with the words: Drama exercises, characterisation, improvisation, monologues, duologues, and more!  Email for details.  At the bottom of the image, are the words: Sessions are currently being run on a donation basis.Queer Theatre

Open to anyone aged 16+, our Queer Theatre group is a safe space for people of all identities to come together to learn about Queer Theatre, discuss subjects important to us to create Queer art, and learn about Queer history. 

Find out more about our Queer theatre group here.

Image is a photo taken by Julie Cottrell Photography of Becki Short: Singing Teacher and 1940's Entertainer performing at Le Dansoir Karine Zaporta. Becki is wearing a black floor length velvet dress with an off the shoulder neckline. They are standing in front of a white screen, with red screens either side of that. There is a table with a speaker in the background, and a vintage microphone in front of it. Becki is wearing a head mic, and has their arms opened, mid song. There is a spot light shining on Becki. Above Becki is the text: Studying Musical Theatre? Aged 15+? Join us every Friday from 1-2pm for our college level Musical Theatre online session. To the right of this text is the OmniArts logo, which is a blue circle with music notes around the edge, the drama masks in the middle, and the name OmniArts above the masks. Underneath Becki are the words: From vocal technique to acting within a song, plus dance and dialogue as well - this session is for you to develop your performance skills further. Open to anyone who is currently studying Musical Theatre, wanting to study MT at college in the next two years, plus anyone who has studied it in the past and/or is currently in or pursuing a career in the performing arts industry.  Underneath this are the words: Sessions are currently being run on a donation basis.Musical Theatre

Set up as part of the groups we launched when the UK lockdown came into place, this group has developed into a fantastic learning space for anyone interested in performing Musical Theatre.

From discussing and learning specific vocal and performance techniques in depth, to analysing musical theatre songs to learn more about your own voices, this group is led by Becki Short: a professional singing teacher, who runs the group in line with exactly what the members want to learn. 

Recommended age 15+.

Find out more about our Musical Theatre group here.

Image is a black and white photo of two people. They are standing with their backs slightly to the camera, one in front of the other. The person at the front has their arms open and their head is pointing slightly up, with their eyes closed. The person behind has their arms by their side and is looking ahead. They both have long hair up in ponytails. Above the people are the words "In Year 10 or 11? Missing your GCSE drama classes?" The OmniArts logo is just below this, in the space where the first person's head is pointing. There is a black rectangle overlaying the legs of the two people, with the following words on it in white: "Join us, 2-3pm every Monday. Exercises, games, guidance & feedback on anything acting related, plus a chance to chat with professionals in the performing arts industry. Email for details." Underneath this, the words: "Sessions are currently being run on a donation basis." are in black.GCSE Drama

Set up during the UK lockdown, our GCSE Drama group is a place for anyone aged 14-16 to explore drama and performance outside of the school setting. It’s specifically aimed at people who want to do performing arts at college.

As with all our groups, this is a safe space for anyone to join, and as well as learning drama skills, this is also a group where members can talk about anything that is on their mind – from personal to current issues, and gives them a place to grow as people as well as performers. 

Find out more about GCSE Drama group here.

Becki running a free Music for the Mind session in HorndeanMusic for the Mind

Music for the Mind is a music and social programme, created for people with dementia.

We have a number of practitioners who take the programme into care homes, community groups and private bookings. 

Find out more about Music for the Mind here.

Evie teaching pianoArts Award

Arts Award is a recognised qualification run by Trinity Guildhall. OmniArts is a registered Arts Award Centre, and Supporter.

Our Youth Theatre members are automatically offered the chance to complete the Arts Award relevant to their age.

Our practitioners are also able to put anyone aged 25 and under through the bronze and silver awards. 

Find out more about the Arts Award here.