Evie teaching keyboard piano to two other members as part of her bronze Arts Award

Arts Award

Honey and Evie creating a comedy piece as part of their bronze Arts Award
Honey and Evie creating a comedy piece as part of their bronze Arts Award

Put yourself in the spotlight with The Arts Award!

As part of our Youth Theatre, we offer the opportunity for members aged 11 and up to complete their Bronze Arts Award.

The programme develops creativity, leadership and communication skills. Through Arts Award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment.

Each member of the Arts Award group will choose how they would like to complete each section of the Arts Award, and build an individual portfolio detailing their journey.

Why do it?

Evie and Honey learning how to do vintage hair as part of their bronze Arts Award
Evie and Honey learning how to do vintage hair as part of their bronze Arts Award

Artists will gain/improve skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Working with others
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity

Experiences include:

  • learning new artist skills
  • special access to art events
  • creating new connections in the art industry

By completing the Bronze Arts Award, young people will earn a Level 1 Award and 6 QCF credits.

OmniArts is a registered Arts Award Centre and Supporter. (Find out more about what we offer as an Arts Award Supporter here.)

More about the Bronze Arts Award

There are four parts to the Bronze Arts Award. Young people will complete all the parts in whichever order they feel best, and create a portfolio in any format that others can understand.

The Four Parts

Part A of the Bronze Arts Award Part B of the Bronze Arts Award: Explore the arts as an audience member Part C of the Bronze Arts Award: Arts inspiration Part D of the Bronze Arts Award: Arts skills share

Additional costs

There may be some additional costs required for the young person to complete their Bronze Arts Award. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tickets for events
  • Workshops with outside practitioners
  • Moderation fee

Any additional costs will be discussed with the parent before committing to the young person that they are able to do something specific they have requested as part of the award. There may be funding available to help with these sorts of additional costs. If you have any concerns about money, please talk to us, rather than not putting your child forward to take part in our group. We pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone and are more than happy to discuss options, including grant funds available to us.

Once the young person has completed their Bronze Arts Award, it costs £23 to submit their portfolio for moderation. Portfolios are not submitted until the young person, and the adviser are both happy that all the parts have been completed fully.

Find out more about Arts Award at: www.artsaward.org.uk and find out more about the Bronze Arts Award on the Voice Magazine website: https://www.voicemag.uk/bronze

Other Arts Award Levels

OmniArts is currently able to offer the Silver Arts Award as well as the Bronze, and this group will grow with the members, to allow them to complete this when they are ready. The Silver Arts Award is recommended for ages 14 – 16, however if the young person and practitioner feels they are ready, OmniArts is happy to start the award with them.

There are also plans for OmniArts to be able to offer the Discover & Explore Arts Awards in the near future for anyone aged 4 – 10, as well as the Gold Arts Award, which is recommended for anyone aged 16 – 25.