Music for the Mind

OmniArts is currently continuing with any Music for the Mind entertainment that has been booked in at care homes, however we are well aware that many of our audiences are in the more vulnerable health group.

Our practitioner, Jen has NHS approved training in infection control. As a precaution she will be switching to a head-mic from hand held, omitting any props or equipment that cannot be disinfected in between visits and carrrying antibac gel in between hand washings! She will be arriving ten mins early to each performance so she can wash my hands with soap before visiting any residents, and there will be less up-close interaction until the threat is lessened. You and your residents health and safety is part of our job!

We are keeping up to date with current guidelines from the government. If you have any questions or concerns, please pop us an email.

Music for the Mind is an interactive musical programme developed by Becki Short, and licenced to OmniArts to offer to care homes and social groups. The programme is available as a one-hour session, and is completely self contained.

If you would like to book one of our practitioners to come to your care home or social group to run a session, please email

The sessions start with a gentle physical and vocal warm up, and instruments are handed round. Attendees choose songs from the songbook, and we sing and play them. The practitioner will encourage participants to move with the music if they are able. The sessions end with a gentle cool down.

Every session is relaxed, and flows organically with those attending. Sometimes there is reminiscing and story telling, sometimes dancing, and sometimes attendees bring their own musical talents to light as well!

(not including travel)
One off booking: £75
Two dates booked at once (in a 3 month period): £65 per session
Three or more dates booked at once (in a 3 month period): £60 per session

For the reductions in cost, the dates need to be booked at the same time, however sessions are usually invoiced to be paid for individually at the time of the performance.